RK series

The new generation of controls has adopted the touch screen as best solution for an intuitive and interactive programmingEASYCUT uses a modern wide screen LCD with an accurate capacitive touch panel. EASYCUT includes a simple way to programming cutting throw a table that required few data. EASYCUT offers a compact and efficient solution at an attractive price for both SWING SHEARS and for ADJUSTABLE RACK ANGLE SHEARS.





EASYCUT includes a simple way to programming cutting throw a table that requires few data. EASYCUT offers a wide screen solution for both SWING SHEARS and for ADJUSTABLE RACK ANGLE SHEARS.





EASYCUT offers also advanced options to interface sheet supports and mothoryzed feeding systems.




· INDUSTRY 4.0 READY Production management and scheduling

· Back gauge support

· Front supports through programmable machine functions

· Cutting Length and Angle through potentiometer

· Pilot Blade GAP

· Back gauge programmable retract

· Cuttings time table support

· Materials database with cutting data

· Front axes support for automatic feeding

· TeamViewer for Remote assistance

· Linux OS

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